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Fair, open and honest Bridging Finance.

Century Capital is a traditional short-term lender with a modern and unique approach.

We pride ourselves on structuring our bridging loans according to the borrower’s needs, and looking at each application — specifically the asset, equity and exit strategy — on a case-by-case basis.

It’s for this reason that we don’t have detailed product pages on our website: in most cases, your client’s loan hasn’t been created yet.

We provide bridging loans to every kind of borrower, from city professionals and entrepreneurs to first-time buyers and property developers.

We especially thrive on large, complex and time-critical deals where detailed market knowledge and a proactive approach are essential.

We’ll lend to private individuals, trusts and limited companies based in the UK and offshore — and always with utmost discretion.

As a non-status lender, we provide loans on the Open Market Value of the security — any UK residential property — not the purchase price or borrower’s income.

This equity-focused approach enables us to lend up to 100% of the purchase price and up to 100% of the development costs — subject to valuation.

“For complex deals, or deals that need to be arranged in rapid timescales, there’s no better lender than Century Capital. Its readiness to lend on equity rather than focus on income is especially attractive and means it will look at loans that other lenders will reject outright. Importantly, the Century Capital experience is also extremely personalized, which really does make a difference in such a time-pressured environment. Even the most complicated of loans seem to come together with very little fuss.”


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